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Marin Civic Hack Day

Join the Code for America Brigades, Secondmuse, and NASA for this year's National Day of Civic Hacking on June 4th, 2016.

National Day of Civic Hacking is a nationwide day of action where developers, government employees, designers, journalists, data scientists, non-profit employees, UX designers, and residents who care about their communities come together to host civic tech events leveraging their skills to help their community.

Code Across Marin

An Open Data Panel Discussion and Public Q+A

February 21st at 3pm at the Fairfax Women’s Club, 46 Park Road, Fairfax -- Code Across Marin will be a panel discussion to help build awareness about “open data,” a form of information that lends itself to free innovation and app development.

The panelists are:

  • Kate Colin (Councilmember, City of San Rafael)
  • Reed Ducey-Gibbs (Founder, CPO of NextRequest)
  • Eddie Tejeda (CEO/Co-Founder of Civic Insight)
  • Trent Boeschen (Marin County Health and Human Services, Technology Systems Coordinator)
  • Yo Yoshida (Founder of Appalicious)

Question topics should focus on ways to improve government-public communications, infrastructure, information requests, civic engagement, and the accessibility of community resources.

The resulting dialog should help build the foundation for attracting developers to build the apps Marin needs--apps built specifically for our towns and neighborhoods. In the spirit of open data, this event is free to the public and will have a lengthy public Q+A to address all questions and concerns.

Public input is needed. Email JLIB_HTML_CLOAKING with your questions and discussion suggestions. Input during the Q+A is also encouraged, as local knowledge and perspective will be vital to the discussion. It's the perfect time to let your voice be heard as well as network with your neighbors.

The event will also be filmed and streamed online as Marin's contribution to Code Across America 2015' and Open Data Day.

Speaker Panel:

Kate Colin joined the San Rafael City Council in January 2013 and has lived in the Sun Valley neighborhood since 1996 with her husband and two teenagers. Kate was a San Rafael Planning Commissioner for 8 years. Her other City involvements include participating on the Citizen Advisory Committee to Redevelopment, Critical Facilities Stakeholder Committee and co-chair of the General Plan 2020 Steering Committee and Climate Change Action Plan. In addition, she has spent an equal amount volunteering for organizations in which her children were involved.

Eddie Tejeda is the CEO/Co-Founder of Civic Insight, a civic tech startup focused on making municipal property information available to the public in real-time. Eddie has 10 years of experience bringing innovative thinking to civic institutions. Previously, he was a 2012 Code for America fellow and co-creator of BlightStatus for the City of New Orleans. Before Code for America, he built, an online community and open-source project that allows for paragraph-by-paragraph commenting on complex texts. is now used by universities, governments and libraries across the country. He also worked with Cornell University to build, a project that was chosen by the Department of Transportation (DOT) as its open-government flagship initiative and received a Leading Practices Award by the White House.

Yo Yoshida is the founder of Appallicious, a company helping to bring both government and business alike into the world of mobile broadband Internet. Appallicious, utilizing its trademark Skippitt Platform, is helping expand the reach and depth of cities, towns and businesses alike with their respective constituents, consumers and clients.

Trent Boeschen is a Technology Systems Coordinator for the County of Marin department of Health and Human Services. He is the lead developer of public-facing and internal-facing data systems including the department’s website, Trent’s preferred development tools include Drupal and Linux.