Code for Marin

An Open Data Policy for Marin

We are drafting an Open Data Policy for the city of San Rafael.

We hope this initial attampt can be the catalyst for other municipalities in Marin to adopt similar policies and it leads to more open governments in Marin County.

Marin Open Data Sets

We are collecting all the open data sets we can find for Marin County.

Our priority is to find datasets for the issues we are working on.

We hope to create a platform that aggregates these datasets and makes it easier to find for citiznes and developers alike.

Storm Drain Guardians & Ruby Developers

We love the “Adopt a Drain” program in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose. Could it work in Marin?

With threats of  a strong El Nino, we think people will help keep storm drains clear to prevent flooding. The app we are developing will allow people to adopt a storm drain near them.
We’re looking for Ruby coders to help us clone and convert the Oakland model. We have access to GIS maps showing storm drain locations… we have the entire app ready for cloning, now we need your coding skills…